ENTLN High-Res Feed Icons

Hello.  I would like to request a different type of iconset for the ENTLN High-Resolution Lightning Data feed.  I would like to use a + for positive strikes and an x for negative strikes. I would then like to vary the size of these icons for time since the strike, just like the icons for the local/condensed lightning feed. Then, if possible, I'd really like to color each strike by intensity, with white for <10 kA, yellow for 10 - 50 kA, red for 50 - 100 kA, and magenta for >100 kA.


For example, I use Option 6 for my icons in the ENTLN Local Lightning feed, with the large icon being for 2 minutes or less since the strike, the medium icon being 5 minutes or less, the small icon being 30 minutes or less, and the tiny icon being 45 minutes or less (though 60 minutes wouldn't be bad for this).  Something like this with the color variation that I mentioned above would be great for positive strikes.  Then, the symbols could be rotated 45 degrees and used for the negative strikes.


It seems like this type of layout would give the user a lot less congested screen and would convey a lot more information at a glance.  If this is possible, that would be great.  Thanks.


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