What are Server-Sent Events?

Server-Sent Events (SSE) is a standard for pushing notifications to a client from a server, similar to the "push notifications" received by your phone. AllisonHouse has employed this specification for use with weather data in order to get you data more quickly and more reliably.

Current List of Applications which Support AllisonHouse's SSE:

  • GRLevel3
  • RadarScope

Developer information is available at https://www.allisonhouse.com/pages/developers/server-sent-events

Applications which have integrated AllisonHouse's implementation of Server-Sent Events (SSE) will receive warnings (Flash Flood, Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado) and NEXRAD Level 3 radar data (all tilts & products) up to 1-minute faster. AllisonHouse sends a notification to your weather data application immediately upon receipt of new data and confirmation that the data has reached our hard disks. This translates into radar data and warnings received within 1-second of the data being received by AllisonHouse's servers.* This saves you valuable time, allowing life-saving decisions to be made faster than with any other weather data provider.

* Dependent upon network speeds and congestion.


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