Introduction to AllisonHouse

In this lesson we will cover the various aspects of the website, including the customer area. Look for the black numbers and red boxes & arrows. Those are special areas of interest that will be discussed below each screenshot.


1. Do a quick search of our knowledge base and if you can't find what you are looking for drop us a support ticket or request to chat. 

2. Go to our support area where you can join in the community and get your questions answered or maybe answer someone else's question.

3. The customer area, just for our customers.

4. Take a FREE trial (During Non Active weather patterns)

5. Compare the packages and see the subscription prices.

6. See which software packages we integrate with.

7. See what types of data we offer.


8. Our blog with updates or recent news. 

9. Learn about the AllisonHouse team! 

10. Links to our social media sites. Make sure to "Like" and "Follow" us for more frequent updates and outage reports! 

Log in to the Customer area


1. Click on "Login" in the top menu bar

2. If you forgot your password click the "Forgot My Password" button.

To login to the customer area, you'll need to enter your Email Address and your Password in the boxes provided.

Profile / Subscription Information


Anytime you login you will be presented with your customer profile information.

1. To get to the various data feeds, pick the software package you want to integrate with

Feeds Configuration Page


1. The various radar feeds available to you in your subscription

2.  A "quick display" of all possible feed URL's so you can copy/paste from one location

3. The individual configure pages for each feed type


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