River Flood Warnings

Originally from ticket #5050.

Recently my local NWS office (Indianapolis) began issuing river flood warnings just the river area itself and not the whole county near the river. Is there anyway to have the "watches and warnings by county" placefile to do this as well? That would kind of take awhile the "by county" status but would be nice to have overlayed with the radar the same way. Not sure if this would need it's own placefile or how you would do it. If you go to weather.gov/ind you'll see how they have the river flood warnings depicted by map now. Also, if this could be done, would you be able to have it show the current warning info for that particular location (river) such as the forecasted crest/time, etc.

Hopefully I'm not asking too much lol I attached an image with how it shows up on my weather message software.

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