CW1845 & CWOP & Vanishing Act

Originally from ticket #3662.

Hi Guys,

Bit of an odd problem, observation if you will. My personal station is CW1845 and I feed data to CWOP on a 5 minute basis. Used to do 10, but went to 5 to see if it would clear up this oddness, which it has not.

The oddness is that my station data keeps appearing and disappearing from your CWOP/APRS placefile feed. There seems to be no real handle I can give you as to how often and when this happens. Sometimes it will run most of the day without a problem, other times it may be gone most of a day.

When I started this ticket it had vanished around the 5:45 CST time mark, and now just looking again at around 6 PM it was back. Which is also rather odd as normally it seems to be gone for an hour or two before reappearing.

This oddness has now been going on for several weeks and for the most part I just put it down as to CWOP and their continuing server problems.

My data flow to FindU/CWOP seems to be OK during all this with only some random gaps here and there. And I know when I contacted the CWOP admin once before about such things they take great offense that anything could be possibly wrong on their end, and from what I see on the list-serve I'm on they continue to believe their system is 99.99% perfect.

In any event I thought I would pass this along as perhaps there is something in your bag of tricks that can be used to resolve whatever is going on, as surely mine is not the only station that is winking on and off. And if you find a fix......great. On the other hand if you are dependent on their data push and nothing can be done, that too is OK as I suspect eventually whatever the problem may be will resolve itself in some other manner.

Thanks for listening.


I do not have much of an answer for you at this time. I had been told this was due to APRS network fragmentation. Unfortunately I do not believe this to be case and have experienced the same results with my own CWOP Callsign. (EW1253)

I will be rewriting the ingest code for most all of our data in the next month or two. I am not sure we will replace any production ingest during the critical season. However CWOP ingest is not a critical piece of data and could be played with even during the Spring.

With your permission I would like to add this to the "Feature Request" section of our Helpdesk. This would allow me to mark the problem as resolved once I have determined the cause and committed a fix.

Sorry that I could not offer an immediate fix.

Ryan Hickman
Chief Technology Officer
AllisonHouse LLC


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