Additional mesonet ideas

1.) Allow the APRS/CWOP (weather) display to have similar plotting options (icons, data) as the 'NWS METAR' and 'Various Mesonet' plots.

2.) Add RAWS data either to 'Various Mesonet' or as a separate placefile.

3.) Add other data sources -- including those available publicly via MADIS (UTMESNET, AIRNOW, SNOTEL, etc). These sources all are available on MesoWest.

4.) AWS Stations? This may require an additional subscription fee since the data is proprietary.

5.) Have you thought of integrating some form of progressive disclosure and blacklisting to the placefiles? This would probably only benefit power-users. Allow the user to manually list mesonet or METAR station IDs that would appear under a particular zoom level (those not listed would default to 150 or 250 mi), and allow the user to create a list of stations that are not to be plotted at all (e.g., stations that have apparent siting issues or consistently bad data).

6.) I believe you store all the METAR and Mesonet data on your own servers in a database -- do you archive the data? If so, you could probably create "delta-plot" placefiles, such as 1hr/3hr Pressure Change, 24hr Dewpoint Change, 24hr Temperature Change, etc.

7.) Random thought -- StormLab has integrated METAR plots that render very nicely, and it would be nice if APRS/Mesonet station plots could be rendered by StormLab instead of plotted as graphical icons. This would obviously require some cooperation, but perhaps the APRS/Mesonet data could be made available in some sort of format (comma-delimited?) that the StormLab software could then read and display the same way it does METARs, instead of plotting icons as a placefile.


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