Why won't my lightning feed work in GRLX2 but it does in GRLX3?

Let me see if I can communicate what is happening with my Allisonhouse feeds. Broadly stated many of my Allisonhouse feeds are not loading in GRLX2 but do load in GRLX3 (mystery). Why would that occur? Here is my running side by side example;

Allisonhouse Lightning feed works in GRLX3, lightning posted on map and range rings posted on map (this was last night with lightning in the area, KCBX)
Allisonhouse Lightning feed does not work in GRLX2, no lightning, no range rings (this was last night with lightning in the area, KCBX)

Today, no lightning in area;
Allisonhouse Lightning feed works in GRLX3, range rings posted on map (KCBX, there is no lightning in area)
Allisonhouse Lightning feed not working in GRLX2, no range rings on map (KCBX, there is no lightning in area but again no range rings are posting on map leading me to believe it's not working)

In GRLX3 the lightning feed shows the title in the placefile manager, in GRLX2 the feed web address is shown but it does state updated at current time (?).

If I switch to the ElKo (KLRX) the range rings appear and the placefile manager shows the Lighting title and not the web address.

Lightning is not the only feed doing this, other are acting the same way but not all. This appears to be with the KCBX site only.

I have done the following to "fix" the issue;
CC Cleaned
CC Cleaned
Uninstalled GRLX2 using the GRLX2 uninstaller file
CC Cleaned

Entered the lightning feed into GRLX2 and run it side by side with GRLX3 and the lightning feed does the same thing in GRLX2 (Ugh!). Switch radar sites and it works. Go back to KCBX and No Go.

Anyone have an idea what the heck is going on and or what to do next?

Found other sites that behave the same way, KPUX, KGLD, KSRX, KFDX. Maybe more but I think maybe you get the idea. At first I thought it was all those sites with an "X" but that's not true. Other sites with an "X' in the radar ID work.

I posted here and GRLX2 Support forum.


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