GR2Analyst placefiles don't work for some radars


After a clean OS install on my main home desktop computer, I put on GR2Analyst, and added my placefiles.  The problem is that many of them don't load for my home radar (KILX).  If I select an other radar, the placefiles load up just fine.  But if I go back to my home one, they systematically unload.  I can watch this happen both in the radar display and the Placefile Manager window.  For instance, I can select KLOT (Chicago), and the placefiles load up one by one on the radar screen, and in the manager, displaying correct update times.  But when I go back to KILX, they unload one by one from top to bottom, and disappear from the radar screen.  Some of the file names in the Placefile Manager window also revert from plain text back to http links when I do this.  Anybody seen this before?


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