Export AllisonHouse Feeds for Import into GR2Analyst & GRLevel3

1. Log in to the Customer Portal and go to the Gibson Ridge Data Feeds page.

2. Under Overlays, click "Select multiple placefiles" to go to the selection page.


3. On the selection page, first choose your software (GR2Analyst or GRLevel3) and then select which feeds you would like to export.


4. Click "Export" and then read the popup disclaimer carefully. This will get rid of any placefiles you had previously inserted into the GR Placefile Manager. Close your Gibson Ridge program and click "OK" once you've fully read and understand the disclaimer.


5. Either Open with "Registry Editor" or click "Save File" and save the .reg file to somewhere on your hard drive. If you save the file to your hard drive, you will need to go find it and double click it to open/run it.


6. Click "Yes" when the User Account Control dialog opens up to allow the Registry Editor to import the .reg file for your Gibson Ridge application.


7. Click "Yes" on the next dialog to allow the Registry Editor to make the necessary changes.


8. The Registry Editor will provide you with a confirmation dialog letting you know the changes were imported successfully.


9. You may now open your GR2Analyst or GRLevel3 application. Go to Windows > Show Placefile Manager and you should now see all of the exported AllisonHouse placefiles. You're done!


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