Installing & Configuring AWIPS II CAVE on Mac OS

1. Download both awips-python.pkg and awips2-cave-18.1.1.dmg.

2. Once downloaded, install awips-python.pkg first followed by awips2-cave-18.1.1.dmg. In your System Preferences, make sure you have allowed applications to be installed that are from "Unidentified Developers."

3. After you have installed both packages, CAVE can be found under /Applications/.
Tip: You can hit Cmd + Spacebar and type "Cave" to locate the app and run it.


4. Enter the following information
EDEX Server:
Site: Enter the nearest 3-letter NWS WFO ID to your location. (e.g. BOU, OUN, etc.)
Click Validate
Username & Password: Enter the Username & Password chosen on the AWIPS CAVE EDEX page in your customer portal.


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