AllisonHouse Integration w/ StormLab

Login to AllisonHouse

Log in with your AllisonHouse username/password. 


Then access your StormLab feeds via 


Radar Data Integration 


First, you'll want to integrate our radar data into StromLab. The radar feeds are the 1st 2 feeds at the top of your StormLab customer portal. You can use the "Copy" button to easily copy the feed to your clipboard. 



Open StormLab then select the "Setup" tab. From the Programs Settings tab, you'll need to select "Custom or Local Server" and paste the feeds into the correct boxes. 


Data Feed Integration 

On the main configuration page, you will be presented with a list of various data feed types you can choose from.

1. Click on the data feed you want to integrate with StormLab.

**For this demo, we will use the ENTLN Local Lightning Data.** 


Lightning Customization Page:


Once you have the configurations to your liking, select "Copy". 



Open StormLab then select the "Setup" tab. From the Map and Data Overlays tab, you'll need to select "Weather/Local Overlays". Paste the URL into the "Website or Local File" area, Label the data feed, adjust the refresh rate, and hit "Add". 



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