Integrate Radar Data With WSV3(Level II Only)

1. Go to the AllisonHouse website

Open your web browser and go to the AllisonHouse website. Then click on the 'Login' link in the top menu.

2. Login to AllisonHouse

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.45.42 AM.png

Login using your email/password that was provided when you first subscribed to AllisonHouse.

3. Go to WSV3 integration section

Click on 'WSV3' in the left menu

4. Main Configuration Polling Page

On the main configuration page you will be presented with a list of various data feed types you can choose from.

For the level II data you will just need the feed at the top of the page.

5. Select Your Level II Feed

Next to your Level II feed hit the "copy" button. You should then see a confirmation that the URL was copied to your clipboard.

6. Start WSV3

Start WSV3. Typically you can use the Start menu under Windows for this, or obviously a shortcut.

7. Open The Program Settings

Select the "WSV3" button in the top-left corner, then select "Program Settings".

Once on the Program Settings menu, select "Data/Downloading". Then you will need to copy the Level II URL into the box provided. Once completed hit "OK".


You are now ready to use AllisonHouse's Level II data in WSV3.

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