Introducton To AllisonHouse Maps

Go to the AllisonHouse website 


1.) Log In with your AllisonHouse username & password. 


Click On 'Maps'


1.) Click on 'Maps' in the left menu on your Customer Dashboard.

2.) Once you get your Customizations where you want them, click 'Proceed To Maps'



Once Maps is open is should appear like above.



1. Data Overlay Menu

2. Various Tools

**Tip: Live radar data is located under MRMS>>Radar**

Viewing Data Overlays 


Start by selecting which Model or Real-Time feed you would to view. (For this example we will be using the NAM 3km model)


On default when you select an overlay to view, it will only show the Raster images. Occasionally there will be no data for the initial hour(0 hour), so you will need to move ahead to the next hour to see it.

'R'= Raster Images  'C'= Contour Lines 

To show the Contour lines along with the Raster image select the 'C', to show ONLY the contour lines deselect 'R' and keep 'C' selected. 

Forecast HUD


1. Use the slider to move through different hours on the run. 

2. Use < > to either go backward or forward. You can always animate the run by hitting the play button. Once you are animating the play button will become a stop button.

3. Run Switcher.

4. What model & products you are viewing. 


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