Integrating AllisonHouse Data With WeatherWall(iOS)

An active AllisonHouse Data subscription is required. You also need to purchase WeatherWall from the App Store before you attempt to integrate. 

Open the WeatherWall application


Open the application on your device. Then click the gear icon in the lower middle of the display.

Sign in to your AllisonHouse account


Scroll down to the "AllisonHouse" section and enter your AllisonHouse login information.


Once signed in, select the "Back" button.



If your AllisonHouse information is incorrect, you will promptly receive an error message. Visit our Forgot Password Page (new window) if you do not remember this information.

Choose from available AllisonHouse data feeds


Your layer tabs should appear similar to above. Choose from a variety of AllisonHouse data feeds including Lightning, Watches, & NHC Tracks.

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