Integrate With Radar Alive!


Integrate With Radar Alive! 

You need to purchase Radar Alive! from the App store. You will also need a Chaser or Hunter subscription from AllisonHouse before integrating. 

***For this guide we will be using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, some devices may vary slightly with the set up process***


Open the application on your device. Then select the Menu Icon along the bottom left. 




Along the bottom right select the Setting tab. 



Select AllisonHouse Settings. 



Select AH Email Address and enter the email address you have registered with AllisonHouse.


Select AH password and enter the password you use to log into your AllisonHouse account. 


To verify your login information hit the back button. 


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    Larry Grant

    Radar alive pro will not show me as a active spotter need help 618 697 2541

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