(GRE) Opening another Gibson Ridge product to view an area of interest.

Using GRearth and want to view an area of interest in another Gibson Ridge product?

** For this to be possible GR2AE or GR3 has to be open simultaneously with GRE**

         (For this example we will be using GR2Analyst. GRLevel3 will follow the same steps.) 


While in GRearth right click the area of interest and a box will pop. This will display the available radar product(s) and the current radar you are on.  

Click the Gibson Ridge product you would like to use. In this instance we will be using GR2Analyst.



GR2Analyst knows the closest radar site and brings you directly to it.

This process does not close GRearth. 

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    Kenneth Grimm

    Very cool feature.

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