Setup GREarth for First Use

Start Gibson Ridge


Start Gibson Ridge. Typically you can use the Start menu under Windows for this.

Open Configure Window


Click on "File" and then "Configure Polling"

If the "Configure Polling" option is greyed out, you need to stop polling first.

Refresh your account information


Click 'Refresh'



Enter your Email address and Password that you use to Login to the website
Click 'Ok'

Test the Configuration


1. Click "Test"

It should look like the above image. If not, something is wrong. Make sure you have your firewall and anti-virus configured to allow GREarth to connect to the Internet.

2. When the Test works, click "Ok"

Start Polling


Click on the World/Computer icon to start polling

Verify the polling is taking place


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  • Avatar
    Christopher Vaughan

    Can the software be installed on more than one computer.  I have two in my office, plus my laptop.  The software will only be run on one at the time for obvious reasons, but I have to move between offices quite a bit and would prefer that I didn't have to leave the software at my home office. 

  • Avatar
    Tyler Allison

    As long as it's one at a time and you own all the machines (or you are the primary user...ala work...not a computer lab somewhere), you can install it on any number of computers

  • Avatar
    Brian Maier

    If I get the Storm Hunter subscription, can I use it for both my GRLevel3 and GREarth programs as long as they are on the same computer? 

  • Avatar
    Tyler Allison


  • Avatar
    Raymond Bennett

    Can I use GRearth on a Mac?

  • Avatar
    Scott Osborne

    Is there an option to us a mobile GPS Antenna from a laptop?

  • Avatar
    Bailyn Hall

    @Raymond Bennett Yes, you can.

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