(RS) Customizing ENTLN Lightning

Customizing ENTLN Lightning 

Go to the AllisonHouse Website.

 Open your web browser and go to the AllisonHouse website. Then click on the 'Login' link in the top menu.

Login to AllisonHouse

Log in using your AllisonHouse username & password.


Go to your RadarScope Customer Portal Page. 

Select "RadarScope" along the left-hand side of your Customer Dashboard


Select "Configure".


Customize The Settings To Your Liking. 


Having the "Count All Strokes" box unchecked means you will ONLY be seeing Cloud-To-Ground lightning strikes. 


Comparing Default Settings to Custom Settings


Default settings - Cloud-To-Ground Only 5 Minute max                           

Custom settings- Cloud-To-Ground Only 2 Minute max 

IMG_4578.PNG VS. IMG_4579.PNG


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