(RS) Integrate with RadarScope Mobile (iPhone/iPad)

You need to purchase RadarScope from the App Store before you attempt to integrate.

Open the RadarScope application

Open the application on your device. Then click the gear icon in the lower, right side of the display.

Sign in to your AllisonHouse account

Tap "Settings" >> "AllisonHouse" to be taken to the sign in screen.

Enter your AllisonHouse email address and password.

Visit Forgot Password (new window) if you do not remember this information.

Once your sign in information is entered, select "Sign In".

If you received a "403 - Forbidden" error during your sign in, either incorrect
credentials were entered or your account does not have an active AllisonHouse subscription.

Once signed in, the application should show your user name and a sign out option.

Confirm AllisonHouse data integration

AllisonHouse should be displayed next to Radar Data and Storm Tracks.

If this is not the case, tap each and choose AllisonHouse to complete the integration.

Choose from available AllisonHouse data

Your Layers tab should now appear similar to above. Choose from a variety of
AllisonHouse data, including lightning, storm reports and SPC outlooks.

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  • Avatar
    Craig Williams

    I enter my proper email address and password on my iPhone 5s and it continues to tell me that my email or password is incorrect. How do I resolve this issue?

  • Avatar
    Justin Hughes


    There shouldn't be any issues if you're using the correct login information. Please shoot support an email if you continue to have problems. 

  • Avatar
    Zachary Glenn

    Is there a way to change how the lightning data behaves and looks in RadarScope, similar to the other options that we can perform with Gibson Ridge and StormLab data?

  • Avatar
    Justin Berk

    I just purchased a subscription to get lightning data on my iPhone. The + icons do not match the lightning symbols in the demo. Also, it appears to be on a grid, not specific to a strike location. Am I missing something? Please advise.

  • Avatar
    Justin Hughes


    RadarScope does not allow you to customize their lightning strikes at the moment. 

  • Avatar
    Dominique Newman

    What is the email to the support team, because its not allowing me to login on radar scope even though its the correct password. Ive logged in online fine, but not on radar scope.

  • Avatar
    Brian Patterson

    Hey I am having the same problem as a couple mentioned above after purchasing. I put in my email address on radarscope app for iphone - and then my correct password and it says failed to log in...That email address and password worked fine to login to allison house to buy the monthly subscription. Why isn't it working so I can integrate the new stuff into radar scope???? Please help me out!

  • Avatar
    KT Lee

    I have a one year subscription to Allison House Pro and it's good until the end of July. My Allison House RadarScope app has been working for basic radar on three devices (Mac Laptop Pro, iPad, and iPhone) for months and showed that I was signed in to Allison House as well. Then suddenly I began getting 403 Error messages for certain functions even though the apps showed I was signed in.

    I emailed support and was instructed to sign out and sign back in, which I proceeded to do. Then the problems became worse as I got messages saying the password I used was not accurate. No matter how many times I reset the password it kept saying I had the wrong password. I first tried resetting it from my iPad and got messages saying I needed to reset from my IPhone. Needless to say the many attempts from my iPhone didn't work either.

    If I can't solve this issue I won't be renewing my subscription at the end of July.

  • Avatar
    Justin Hughes

    KT - The 403 error should of been corrected that day by restarting your RS. The username/password issue should be an easy fix. However we do not have a "AllisonHouse Pro" package. There is a "RadarScope Pro" package but we have nothing to do with this. If your AH subscription is not active than you will receive the invalid username and password error. I will be contacting you via our support to help you get this correct. 


  • Avatar
    thomas meyer

    Same problem with error, reset password, can't log in to radar scope Allison house Dara...thomas meyer

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