(RS) Viewing Radar Status Messages (iPhone/iPad)

When using Radarscope you will sometimes come across a radar that is down. Whether for maintanance or from damage caused by a weather event.

You will see this indicated in Radarscope by the name of the radar being red instead of blue or when looking at the time the data was last updated at the
bottom right just below the color bar.


In either case the local weather office will issue a Radar Status Message (RSM), with information about why the radar is down and when it will go online again.

Tap the "i" at the lower right


Select the "Radars" tab at the top of the list


Select the red radar site you want to see


You will also notice in this list that radars which are online will have a green badge next to them. Radars that are offline will have a red badge next to them

You will be taken to the RSM page for that specific radar


At the top will be the 4 letter name of the radar, ex. KENX. Next will be the site name, in this case Albany. Next to that you will see either a red or green "ONLINE" or "OFFLINE" badge. Next is the message itself containing the time and date it was was issued and information about whats going on with the radar.

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