(PYKL3) Configuring Viewsets

**Some devices may vary slightly on location of buttons. For this example we will be using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1**

Open the PYKL3 application



Under the "labels" tab along the top right, select "Configure Viewset"



A menu should appear similar to one posted above. Each numbered row is a different Viewset and each one is fully customizable. Some viewpoints you might want for out in the field so you could limit the data intake for those, one you might want for at home with more data overlays. Who knows, but the cool thing is it is all up to you! 




Anything with an asterisk next to it requires an AllisonHouse subscribtion to view, see the Integrating AllisonHouse with PYKL3 guide for help with AllisonHouse integration. 



Select which Viewset you would like use. 

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