Integrating AllisonHouse Data with PYKL3

You need to purchase PYKL3 from the Android App Store before you attempt to integrate.

**Some devices may vary slightly on location of buttons. For this example we will be using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1**

From the Main Screen press your devices "menu" button


Click "Settings"


Click "Data Providers"


Select "" from the list of Data Providers 


Click "Enable" & Enter Your Allisonhouse Login Information 


Select the data feeds you want to view


For SPC Day 1 Outlooks(SWODY1), select which contours you want to view


Enjoy Your AllisonHouse Data Feeds In PYKL3!

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  • Avatar
    Ryan Carson

    Can you provide level 2 data?

  • Avatar
    Brian Slutzky

    Now that PYKL3 is not supported anymore, do you have any knowledge of its replacement?

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