(GRLevel3/GR2AE) Adding Shapefiles

Adding Shapefiles 

 **A shapefile stores nontopological geometry and attribute information for the spatial

features in a data set. The geometry for a feature is stored as a shape comprising a set of

vector coordinates.... This feature is most commonly used for roads in GRLevelx products**


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 3.17.23 PM.png

Along the Main Menu select the "GIS" tab. 

Click on "Load Shapefile"



Select the correct Shape and Style files from your documents and click Import.



Make sure "Show Shapefiles" is checked.  

You can always unload the Shapefiles by selecting "Unload Shapefiles". This is done on a per shapefile basis so this will NOT unload all your previous shapefiles.


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