(GR2AE) Introduction to GR2Analyst Edition

Before you can begin to utilize GR2AE, you will need a level 2 data source (such as an AllisonHouse Storm Chaser or Storm Hunter subscription). For this example, we will assume you already have a subscription to AllisonHouse.


Login to AllisonHouse

Log in with your AllisonHouse username/password. 



Go to Gibson Ridge Integration Section

 Click on 'Gibson Ridge' in the left menu on your Customer Dashboard.



Main Configuration Polling Page


On the main configuration page you will be presented with:
1. Your unique URL that can be used to access raw radar data
2. Additional data feeds that can be customized

First, we will get radar data flowing into Gibson Ridge.

Click “File” followed by “Configure Polling…”

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 4.10.15 PM.png

Configure Polling

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 2.37.25 PM.png

From the Configure Polling window, you will be able to add your Level 2 source to begin displaying radar data. Click “Add” to enter your Level 2 data source, then click “OK” to save.

Copy the URL


Click the copy button. Once you have done this, "Copy" should change to "Copied" confirming the URL was copied to your clipboard. 

Enter Polling Directory


Paste the URL you copied in the previous step into the white box. Make sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end of the URL.

Start Live Polling


You can begin polling for new radar data by clicking on the “Start Polling” menu item under the “File” menu or by clicking on the green globe button on the control bar.

The Control Bar


You can use the control bar at the top to change the way the mouse operates the display either by 
1. Zooming
2. Panning
3. Displaying a cross-section
4. Volumetric sample

The control bar also allows you to 
5. Control looping
6. Enter storm direction and speed (this is important when viewing storm relative velocity data and using the volume explorer)
7. Enable or disable smoothing
8. Dealiasing 
9. Turning on or off of the hail and MDA icons

You can place your cursor on top of each button to view a description of that button.

The "Site" menu


To change a radar site, click on “Site” on the menu bar. You can add the currently displayed site as a favorite (favorite sites show up on the bottom of the “Site” menu), select from a list of radar sites, and change the start-up radar site and configure favorites under settings.

The Side Panel


The panel on the right allows you to view information about the radar product by showing the
1. Site ID

2. Volume Scan Start Time (VST)

3. the time the product was produced (Prod)

4. the current Volume Coverage Pattern (VCP)

5. Storm Motion Vector (SMV) as entered by the user

6. and the actual Tilt of the radar beam.

7. To change the product, click on the button corresponding to the desired product. 

8. The available tilts will depend on the current operating mode of the radar as set by the National Weather Service.

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