Integrate Non-Radar Data with Gibson Ridge

Go to the AllisonHouse website.

 Open your web browser and go to the Then click on the 'Login' link in the top menu.

Login to AllisonHouse


Login using your email/password that was provided when you first subscribed to AllisonHouse.


Go to Gibson Ridge integration section


 Click on 'Gibson Ridge' in the left menu on your Customer Dashboard

Main Configuration Polling Page


 On the main configuration page you will be presented with:

1. Your unique URL that can be used to access raw radar data
2. Data feeds that can be customized

3. Use the search tool to find specific data feeds. 

On the main configuration page, you will be presented with a list of various data feed types you can choose from.

1. Click on the data feed you want to integrate with Gibson Ridge.

**For this demo, we will use the ENTLN Local Lightning placefile.** 

5. Feed Configuration Page


Once you have the settings configured to your liking click "Copy". Once you have done this, the "Copy" should change to "Copied" indicating the URL is copied to your clipboard.

6. Start Gibson Ridge

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.27.05 PM.png

Start Gibson Ridge. Typically you can use the Start menu under Windows for this.

Depending on what subscription you have you can integrate with different Gibson Ridge packages.

Our demo user is going to use GRLevel3, but all the Gibson Ridge products utilize the same method of integration.

7. Open Placefile Manager


Click on 'Windows' in the menu system and then click on 'Show Placefile Manager'

8. Add a Placefile


Click on the 'Folder' icon to add a new placefile

9. The Placefile Window


1. The box you will copy/paste the feed URL into
2. If you have a local feed file (not provided by AllisonHouse) you can open a 'browse' window

10. Copy Feed URL into Placefile Manager


The URL should already be copied to your clipboard. You could Right Click -> Paste or CTL + V for window users/ CMD + V for Mac users to paste the URL to the Placefile Manager. Once the URL is copied click 'OK'. 

11. Placefile Manager window


1. The left most checkbox is for turning off or on that particular feed
2. The right most checkbox is for displaying above or below the radar data

The URL will switch to a description of the feed and if data currently exists for that feed, it will be displayed within the main window of Gibson Ridge


On No! Feed URL has stopped working!


If account is expired you will need to get your account active again to use our Placefiles. To check other issues right click on the URL and a status window will be displayed for that particular feed URL that might tell you why it's broken. For further questions contact 


Status Window


Check for any error messages displayed

The data in the Placefile won't display!


Make sure show "Placefiles" is checked.

Follow these steps to integrate any of our Placefiles into GRLevelX programs.  

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