Integrate Radar Data with Gibson Ridge

Go to the AllisonHouse Website.

 Open your web browser and go to the AllisonHouse website. Then click on the 'Login' link in the top menu.

Login to AllisonHouse

Log in using your AllisonHouse username & password.



Go to Gibson Ridge Integration Section


 Click on 'Gibson Ridge' in the left menu on your Customer Dashboard

Main Configuration Polling Page


 On the main configuration page you will be presented with:

1. Your unique URL that can be used to access raw radar data
2. Additional data feeds that can be customized

3. Use the search tool to find specific data feeds. 


First, we will get radar data flowing into Gibson Ridge.

Start Gibson Ridge


 Start Gibson Ridge. Typically you can use the Start menu under Windows for this.

Depending on what subscription you have you can integrate with different Gibson Ridge packages.

- If your subscription comes with Level 3 Radar data you can integrate with GRLevel3
- If you subscription comes with Level 2 Radar data as well, you can integrate with GRLevel2/AE

Verify you have the latest software


Click on Help->About

Look at the version number


 Make sure this is the latest version. Many integration issues have been tracked to customers using old versions of the software.


Stop Polling


If you see a red "X" as indicated above. You must click the "X" to stop polling.

Open Configure Window


Click on "File" and then "Configure Polling"

If the "Configure Polling" option is greyed out, you need to stop polling first as described above.

Options on the Configure Polling Window


1. Where you are going to copy your unique AllisonHouse Level 3 radar URL
2. Check this box to force GRLevel3 to use AllisonHouse. In the unlikey situation where AllisonHouse radar is completely down, you can uncheck this box and revert back to the free NWS servers
3. How long you want to keep the files. This rarely needs to be changed or increased beyond 3 hours.
4. When using the free NWS servers, check this box if you are having issues. The NWS is known to have issues with their free servers due to the massive numbers of users. Sometimes this can improve performance by looking at alternative servers managed by the NWS.

Copy the URL


Click the copy button. 


A message should appear containing the URL you need. Click "OK" and this will copy the URL for you. 


Paste the URL


Switch to GRLevel3

1. Paste the URL you copied in the previous step into the white box. Make sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end of the URL.
2. Check "Use this Server"
3. Click "OK"

Start Polling


Click on the World/Computer icon to start polling.

Verify the polling is taking place


During clear air (eg: no storms in the area) the "Next update" should be somewhere between 00:00 and 10:00 and not a shaded red or yellow color. 
During stormy weather the "Next update" should be somewhere between 00:00 and 05:00 and not a shaded red or yellow color.

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    John Moon III

    These instructions are very user friendly and easy to use.  I followed the instructions and it works great!!! I highly recommend using these instructions!!! 

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