Add AllisonHouse Warning Server to Gibson Ridge

Start Gibson Ridge


Start Gibson Ridge. Typically you can use the Start menu under Windows for this.

For our demo we are using GRLevel3.

Open Warning Settings


In the menu click on 'View' and then 'Warning Settings'

The Warning Settings Window


1. Put in the white box
2. click OK

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    Terry Sasser

    what is different about allison house warnings and NWS warning?

  • Avatar
    Tyler Allison

    There is no difference other than potential bottleneck/performance on busy days.  Typically we have found that our warnings come out a few seconds faster than the default server found in the GR software.  We provide a warnings server for FREE as a community service.  Feel free to use it or the default. Your choice.


    Stay Safe

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    jessie campbell

    could we still put this in grl3 cause it will not let me its saying couldnt find grl3 config on server 

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